Rina Consulting S.p.A.
Federica Fuligni
Phone +39 010 3196504
RINA Consulting brings together a rich heritage of engineering consultancy expertise into one unique organisation. Working alongside Clients, as a trusted technical partner, RINA Consulting provides a wide range of traditional and innovative services to critical industry sectors, including oil & gas, power, renewables, space & defence, transport & infrastructure sectors.  Our 1,700 talented professionals give us the depth of experience across engineering disciplines to support Clients at each phase of their project – from initial concepts and design, through to operation, maintenance and decommissioning. We are committed to providing services that are of the highest quality for our Clients, creating added value for their business through our technical advice and support – managing risk, operating safely, in a sustainable way and optimising performance.

Within InBetween RINA-C will act as Project Coordinator and will be leader of Worpackages: Exploitation and dissemination activities, Project management  and Ethics requirements. During the whole duration of the project RINA- C will support all the activities with higher focus on: platform requirements and architecture, integration approach /architecture /development, technology acceptance and desirability, platform customization for demos , platform integration and interoperability middleware, replication plan and Impact assessment.

Austrian Institute of Technology (Ait)
Miloš Šipetić
Phone : +43 664 8825 6015
The AIT Energy Department favours a holistic approach to the environmentally friendly electricity supply, heating and climate control of the buildings and cities of tomorrow. Using sophisticated measurement technology and innovative simulation tools, interdisciplinary research teams combine decentralized energy producers, efficient distribution networks and smart buildings with efficient heating and cooling technologies to form a single, sustainable energy system. The specialists’ considerable expertise ranges from the development and optimization of individual components and the integration of innovative technologies and control strategies at system level to the creation of holistic energy concepts for buildings and regions. Within the scope of the InBetween project, AIT is involved in the development of data analysis services running on top of the purpose-built analysis and integration cloud platform. Developed services will perform tasks such as user classification and profiling, consumption analytics and consumption prediction. In addition to these, AIT will facilitate integration efforts between cloud platform and different data sources on the one side, buildings’ and users’ metadata on the other, and the developed analytics services as raw data consumers. A semantic description of buildings, equipment and data sources, as well as relationships between them will be prepared, so that data analysis workflows can use this information.
The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC)
Yael Parag
Phone : +972-544643285

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya was founded in 1994 as Israel’s first private, non-profit institution of higher education that is modelled after Ivy League universities in the USA. IDC Herzliya is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and research and to training future leaders by offering innovative, interdisciplinary, educational programs which combine academic study with practical, hands-on training.

We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Law, Business, Computer Science, Psychology, Communication, Economics, Government, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. The School of Sustainability at the IDC is the first of its kind in Israel, with emphasis given to providing and developing tools for sustainability and environmental real problem solving.

Develco Products
Dorthe Gaardbo-Pedersen
Phone : +45 25 38 54 34

Develco Products is a B2B company providing white label products within the fields of smart home, smart energy, healthcare, and building management.

Develco Products develops, produces, and markets high-volume customized products for companies supplying end-users with Internet of Things solutions.

The role of Develco Products is to specify, configure, produce, and deliver the wireless hardware platform for the InBetween solution, which is connected to the cloud-based software. Develco Products also contributes to the development of the corresponding interfaces between the hardware platform and the cloud-based software.

The hardware platform developed by Develco Products includes a range of wireless monitoring devices. The platform is capable of measuring household consumption of power, meaning that the consumption patterns of the users become available to the InBetween solution. The platform also enables monitoring of the indoor environment.

Based on the wireless monitoring devices included in the platform, the InBetween solution is to detect if windows or doors have been left open for a longer period of time, which could significantly increase the power consumption of the users. By monitoring the indoor environment, the ideal comfort levels of the users are maintained through the InBetween solution. As a part of the platform, Develco Products also delivers meter interfaces, which enable third party meters to be integrated into the InBetween solution.

The hardware platform delivered by Develco Products also provides the solution with control and management functionalities. By integrating smart plugs, the solution allows connected devices to be switched on or off remotely.

To make all the collected data available to the InBetween solution, Develco Products delivers the multiprotocol Gateway. The gateway connects all the wireless devices, and it reports the data to the InBetween solution.

Institute Mihajlo Pupin
Sanja Vraneš
Phone +381 11 6774 024

The Institute Mihailo Pupin (IMP) is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the largest and the oldest in the whole Southeastern Europe. At IMP projects of critical national importance have been conducted, combining systems engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of automation and control, telecommunications and computer networks, knowledge and content technologies and applications, e-government, e-business, e-learning, etc. The IMP is also the most successful Serbian institute when it comes to internationally funded research.
The Institute Mihailo Pupin (IMP) is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the largest and the oldest in the wholeSoutheastern Europe, offering a spectrum of ICT solutions in the following product programs:

  • Process Control Program – Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA systems (hardware & software) optimized for large and geographically distributed utility systems: for thermal-, hydro- and photovoltaic- power plants management; for managing power transmission and distribution network; for BMS in complex objects (airports, convention centres, administrative buildings); monitoring and control in process industries.
  • Information Systems, DMS, DSS – ERP systems; DMS systems; DSS systems in finance, ecology, diagnostics, energy efficiency, emergency management; GIS and spatial DSS; Internet portals; E-government applications; Semantic Web, Linked Data Web; Big data analytics.
  • Traffic Control – Intelligent transportation systems; Tunnel management; Parking systems and access control; Toll collection; Railway equipment (communication systems, electronic railway crossing, axle counters, black boxes for locomotives, etc.).
  • Access control and video surveillance – CCTV surveillance; Objects access control: parking lots, garages, protected, objects, companies…); Real-time license plate recognition.
  • Telecommunications – Equipment for data transmission; Devices for speech and data transmission over high voltage power lines; Devices for voice processing, recording, compaction and analysis; Special purpose telecommunication networks design; Ad-hoc and meshed networks design; Signal and image processing systems using DSP technology; Design and production of various embedded systems.
  • Special purpose systems – Flight, tank, submarine and anti-aircraft guns simulators; Air War Gaming System; Radar systems; ESM systems; Unmanned aerial vehicle ground station; Ballistic analyzer..
  • Services – Software applications development and maintenance; Hardware and firmware development; System design and integration; Infrastructure and networking; Consulting; Training and technical supports.
    Leveraging an outstanding product & service portfolio, IMP presents a reliable ally in your quest for technical solutions to improve your competitiveness.
ACCIONA Construction
Raquel García Luis
Phone +34 91 791 20 20

Acciona Construcción is a leading European construction company designing, constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover of 2,170 M€ in 2015, employing 9,412 people. It is part of Acciona Group whose business lines are Energy; Construction, Water & Services and other activities such as Real State, Urban-Environmental Services, Logistic and Transport.

ACC’s business strategy is tightly linked to sustainability and in recognition of the company’s efforts and commitments received in 2009 the recognition for Corporate Sustainability of the EU Business Award. ACC uses cutting-edge technology to develop and apply the most advanced materials, components, systems and solutions for sustainability and in particular for energy efficient concepts, design, construction ,operation and recycling of buildings. It applies to new and retrofitted buildings while preserving a high indoor environment quality.

ACC has its own R&D Technological Centre in Madrid, composed by a multidisciplinary and international team of about 150 highly qualified researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Main research areas are Nanotechnology, New Construction Materials, Products and Systems, ICTs, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Technologies . The Research Group of the Acciona’s R&D Technological Centre involved in the project is the ICT group, with main expertise in the development of innovative applications of ICT technologies such as smart sensors and advanced web/mobile software solutions, in urban, building and construction environments for processes monitoring, analysis and optimization according to sustainability principles, which include the rational use of natural resources such as energy.


ACC has a wide experience in R&D projects both national and European level, even international projects beyond Europe. At European level, ACC plays an active role in the European Construction Technology Platform being part of its Executive Committee, leading the Energy Efficient Buildings PPP (being member of the Partnership Board with the EC) and it is a member of reFINE (initiative on infrastructures) and ECTP’s Advisory Group on SMEs. It is also a member of ENCORD (European Network of construction companies for Research and Development), FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), and it is a founding member of Building Smart Spanish Chapter (BSSC) and others ETPs construction / materials related. At international level, ACC has recently joined to the Executive Committee of the “Caring for Climate” platform of the UN Global Compact initiative for participants seeking to demonstrate leadership on the issue of climate change.

ACCIONA contributes to the project with a main role in the definition and implementation of the ICT necessary for the monitoring and control of the pilot sites, in coordination with the partners which give local support in each country. Around this central role, ACCIONA contributes to the global specifications of the global framework and provides inputs for the development and validation of the ICTsystems and interfaces. ACCIONA is also involved in impact assessment, dissemination and exploitation activities.

Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH
Bettina Frantes
Phone +43 (0) 2815/77270-0
Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH is committed to the goal to disseminate the topics of alternative energy systems, energy efficiency, sustainability, preservation of resources and energy efficient building and furthermore reconstruction as well as healthy and comfortable living. The company has successfully completed various national and international projects in the broad field of energy efficiency.
The Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH under the management of OSR Josef Bruckner and the mayor of Großschönau, Martin Bruckner, has set itself the goal to disseminate the topics of alternative energy systems, energy efficiency, sustainability, preservation of resources and energy efficient building and reconstruction as well as healthy and comfortable living.
The oldest competence of Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH is known under the name “Probewohnen®”. At the first European passive house village with the “Probewohnen®” scheme people can test-live, how comfortable living in a passive house is, and can gather experiences about energy efficient building.
In order to reach the above mentioned targets, Sonnenplatz sees it as a second core competence to arrange various excursions, seminars or trainings to those topics.
Besides the technical and the professional competences of Sonnenplatz, the company has successfully completed various national and international projects in the broad field of energy efficiency (f.e. smart grids). Sonnenplatz could therefore gather comprehensive experience in project management. Within the framework of its hitherto existing activities Sonnenplatz established a wide network of various research, development and technological partners active in the field of energy efficient building and smart grids.Role in the project:
Our company will provide access to Demo sites and support information retrieval from the residents. We will be providing the functional specifications by accounting for feedback received from End Users. Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH will provide access to the pilot buildings in different demonstration sites together with support from the technicians, performing the deployment of monitoring equipment within the corresponding energy infrastructure. We will be dedicated to collection of particular legislation constraints dealing with collection and handling of sensitive consumption data in their respective countries.
Vilogia SA
Phone +33 (0)3 59 35 54 28
Vilogia is an entrepreneurial group of social housing. We own and manage a stock of rented property including around 75 000 dwellings spread in high demand areas in France like: grand Paris, Lille metropolis, Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Nantes. We house around 140 000 tenants. We are the 3rd big social housing company in France with the average of 2200 new homes delivered per year. Our activities were put to life more than 100 years ago by a network of investors and entrepreneurs from the North of France region.
InBetween is our second EU project with a focus on energy consumption awareness raising and innovative technology impact on our tenants energy bills. We have experimented many available and innovative solutions and we have led many actions towards our tenants in order to achieve a sustainable change in energy consumption and energy usage comprehension. But we know that there is still a lot to do. In-Between is a new opportunity to test and implement a user tailored, flexible approach focusing on improvement of technology use, acceptance and effectiveness.We are looking for ergonomic and user friendly solutions. We have a lot of experience working on technological solutions with end user and we have noticed that todays available user interfaces are not adapted to end user needs. We spend a lot of time on users training and translation of technology into non-technical language, extracting important parts and adapting information to end user level of comprehension. We feel that good interface or good products defend themselves and should interact with end user intuitively.The technologies proposed for energy saving solutions generate a lot of data useful for technical and scientific studies but the usage of this data is still very ambiguous and not selected enough for the end user profile. This is the reason of our participation in energy efficiency projects, where our tenants can play a key role in this search for the adapted solution to incorporate and introduce in our housing stock permanently. The most important is to see positive results and good tenants’ reaction. The technologies and processes proposed in this project could be a solution.Finally we focus on affordability of the technology that we will implement. We are a social housing company and we count on solutions that can be easily integrated in the budget of retrofitting or new construction. We are waiting not only for good results and figures, but also for the efficient business plan.