InBetween Smart Energy Manager

Competition as a driver to promote energy-efficient behaviours

One of the main goals to be achieved by InBetween project is encouraging EU citizens to change their habits and reduce their energy consumptions. Therefore, various features have been included in the InBetween platform with the aim of motivating people to decrease their energy wastes.

One of the approaches is to create a unique competitive environment which promotes competition among the users of the InBetween platform.

In fact, the social theory claims that people tend to follow the example of someone else’s more efficient behaviour. Accordingly, the idea of the Energy performance evaluation and benchmarking service (EPEBS) developed as a part of the InBetween platform is to create a fair and comparable ranking.

This is part of our mobile application.

Our rankings take into account the following 3 main energy analytics:

  • current consumption,
  • occupancy
  • weather conditions.

While the final ranking is the result of a combination of two factors:

  • your score compared with the scores of other people using InBetween mobile application
  • your our score compared to your past scores, so that a positive change in your energy behaviour is rewarded, while the negative penalized.