Are you curious to know the opinion of one of InBetween solution’s users?

Meet Mr. Piringer from the Austrian demo-site  and learn more about his experiences with the InBetween platform and the SEM energy management mobile app

IB: Mr. Piringer, why did you agree to join the InBetween research project?
P: As a community we are interested in an environmental friendly lifestyle already for a long time. Also personally I am in line with the projects, as I am interested in new technologies as well. Therefore I was glad to be asked to participate and to get these additional features for our house.

IB: And now, after several month of interaction with the InBetween platform and the SEM mobile app, did the project contribute to more energy awareness within your family?
P: Yes, definitely. Thanks to the in-time information about room-temperature were for example realized that we were overheating some rooms without need. Also the scheduling function is very helpful to use electrical appliances only when you really need them. This was helping us during this winter with one auxiliary room, where we increased our comfort a lot while at the same time heating less, thanks to a better timing.

IB: So you think that InBetween was helping you to save money?
P: Yes, for sure the efficiency of the fan heater was increased thanks to the remote-controlled control option. And also we reduced set-points in our heating system based on the information we received from the app.

IB: Anything, you would like to have in addition to the features InBetween is already offering?
P: A regular short report would be nice, to see my energy efficiency trend, and to get a summary regarding the latest happenings of the system. But as far as I heard, the InBetween partners are already working on this, and it will be available as an update soon.

IB: Mr. Piringer, thank you for this interview, as well as your contribution to the InBetween project!