InBetween Project

IDENTIFY energy wastes, LEARN how to conserve energy and MOTIVATE people to act

InBetween goes beyond currently available ICT technologies used for inducing the End User behaviour change towards more energy efficient lifestyles


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InBetween  project  aims to create more energy efficient lifestyles towards a global process that foreseen assisting Users to IDENTIFY energy wastes, LEARN how they can conserve energy and MOTIVATE them to act.

A User-centric approach is applied throughout the project including aspects from the ‘theory of social practice’ .

Apart from detecting energy saving opportunities and offering various incentives for Users’ behaviour change, a significant part of the motivation aspect will also be associated with the provided ability and means to act through the InBetween solution.

InBetween aims to a deliver cost-effective solution that brings added value, without significant disruption of everyday activities, through the collaborative InBetween cloud based platform offering advanced energy services. It allows Users to integrate their building’s connected devices and systems with advanced energy analytics and optimisation services to create a comprehensive recommendation and feed-back solution which will facilitate further the behaviour change towards more energy and cost efficient daily routines. A significant demonstration activity in a range of real life pilot locations in the EU with diverse public set-ups, which differ in terms of size, type, climate and patterns of use, will offer the necessary technological validation.

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